Total hip replacement

I have just had a estimate or hip replacement of 7,500 euro this is at clinic du tonkin in Lyon I am 63 and have a CV and groupsma top up insurance is this because it is at a clinic or is that the standard charge. Will I get all tbat back, what would happen if we didn’t have the initiall 7,500 help would be appreciated please not very good at French thanks for reading

thank you for your reply. just been down to Groupama and she rang the secretary and they thought I lived in the uk, so sending a new quote. thanks lynn

If it is a clinique 'subventionee' there is no difference in price. the clinique secretariat should be able to tell you what you will have to pay if anything. If it is not 'subventione' it could cost you a lot of money, talk to your insurance. Get somebody who speaks French to help you.

good luck