Tour de France, which channels please?

Anybody know what time they start today and on which French (or even UK) channels it is on please. I have little interest since turning out to watch locally some years ago and realised the wasted effort, all over in seconds, but, today it is coming through our village and, as I will be imprisoned here by it (no roads out) it might be nice to see it in comfort and how many arm wavers I recognise. :rofl:

ITV4 if you have it.

It’s on France 3 at 12h55 today (and every day of the tour, I believe). Then it switches to France 2 later. You get to see the whole race, from the départ fictif to the various jersey presentations at the end. It’s good for learning French too!

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Thank you both, I do have ITV4 but will choose France 3 I think for the reasons mentioned by Fleur. They are coming from Libourne to finish at Limoges and, after passing through our village and the larger one next door there is a fairly steep winding climb afterwards. We once rejected a house for sale there as it was below road level on a bend and I could foresee a heavy weight crashing through the roof one day. :astonished:

I stopped watching it in the past as I was put off by the thought of the noxious fumes exhausted by the motos weaving in and out of the riders and feared for their lungs. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Just been looking on the TdF website for "Green " credentials, couldnt find anything. Surely it’s not beyond the realms of possiblity for the "organisers " to insist all team/support/media cars and motos are electric - after all range anxiety shouldn’t be an issue…should it?

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed David. The commentary team ( Alexandre Pasteur, Laurent Jalabert, Marion Rousse, Thomas Voeckler, Yoann Offredo et autres) is first class. And the photography from motos and helicopters, as well as some exciting on-board-bike shots, is excellent.

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Thank you I will be looking forward to it.
And also congratulations for resisting the temptation ‘is first class’ to convert ‘The commentary team’ to the plural. :rofl:
Just one of my foibles. :innocent:

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I used to be a technical author…


The TDF came through our village last year. We were outside with the neighbors and various other locals and I recorded the ITV4 live footage. As the leaders were just about to turn the corner about 200m from us just at the entry sign to the village, they had an add break. When the ad break finished, all the riders had cleared the village. Bugger :frowning:

I’m pretty sure you can watch a stage on replay on France télévisions… Maybe next time!

that sounds fascinating…

I used to “translate”/proof-read for our Finance/Personnel Director… that was my punishment for casually mentioning to him that I didn’t think many of the workforce would actually understand … his various notices/instructions/whatever…
I confessed that I certainly found some of it hard-going… :wink:

He was a rotter and sentenced me to read all his drivel… not to correct the punctuation/spelling… he had his secretary for that…
rather, I had to put it all into simple layman’s language… which meant that, first of all, I had to figure out what on earth he was trying to say… aaargh. :rofl: :rofl: :wink: :wink:

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More or less what happened here half an hour ago. I had one eye on the tv and the other way down in the valley to a short gap in the trees. I missed the Tete there but saw the Peloton go through and then watched most of the progress through our village and the next one. Didn’t see anyone in my friends’ garden, they were right on the route, and then saw a few wavers from the parking of my old employer, Gauthier, with all the green and white wagons in the background. I wonder if he got them all back in time. Didn’t manage it with me 23 years ago, I sat out my first Bastille day in my cab on the pavement of a small village in the NE. :smiley:

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Discovery+ shows it without advertising breaks in the UK, but I think it requires a specific subscription. My sister is over for a few days to combine a trip seeing me with a few days following the Tour, and watches it on Discovery+ for uninterrupted viewing.

We went to see the finish in Bordeaux yesterday… Lots of standing around then… whoosh… they zoomed past. If you blinked, you missed it!

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A resumé…

EDIT I found myself cheering, as I watched this video… :wink:

and now I’m exhausted…

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Absolutely gutted for… Mark Cavendish who, riding his last tour this year, only requires one more stage win to beat Eddy Merckx’s record of 34 stage wins. Incredibly considering his age he came within a few seconds of breaking the record yesterday in Bordeaux. It wasn’t obvious when watching it live but seeing the race highlights on TV it was clear that he suffered a slipped gear just at the worst possible moment, meaning his sprint was unsuccessful. Today, however, his tour - which he’s said will be his last ever one - is over after crashing and breaking his collarbone.

I can’t help but think there’s going to be a Netflix special all about Mark Cavendish in the next few years. It’s been an incredible achievement. Such a shame it all ended so abruptly. But he should be immensely proud of what he’s achieved, and happy that he’s been so respected by fans and riders alike from all around the world.


Hi Stella,
What you describe is pretty much what I used to do - interpret! I wrote user manuals alongside expert software developers who were very proud of their s/w, but not at all good at explaining what it was for and how to use it. I worked on user documentation for various companies, for internal procedures end-user documentation. It was an interesting job, seeing what goes on from the inside of various businesses, large and small.

It irks me to see many present day user guides that look comprehensive at first sight, but simply list every button and function of a device, leaving you none the wiser about how it actually works.

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Absolutely. Not sure he’ll be completely thrilled by all the current stars like Tadej Pogacar talking about how he inspired them when they were little kids!

He’s already been offered a contract for 2024, so maybe not the end of the story despite his age.

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Oh cool, wasn’t aware of that. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: