Tow Bar Fitting

I need a tow bar on our Audi A3, went to our main dealer in St Brieuc and was quoted 2,200 euro, ouch!
Can anyone recommend a company in the Brittany who fits tow bars.

Hi Bernard

We bought our tow-bar online and had it fitted at our local garage for a very reasonable sum.

Just a thought.

I bought one at Roady, part of the Intermarche group.|Model%3AA3&hash=item4182fd6428:g:CdQAAOSw~1FUWPsu

plus £55 for them to post to France = ~ €150 all in

Fitting yourself is starightforward, BUT if you need to have the electrics as well, that may be an issue with bulb sensing units and the dashboard failure light etc. However, if you just need a simple trailer to take the grass cuttings down the tip, you’ll be fine.

Fitting yourself or by any DIY car mechanic is very straight forward as is the fitting of the electrics. I have done several with my son including fitting dedicated electrics on our BMWs.

It can be a little time consuming depending on just how much trim needs to be removed for access but it is an easy job.


Mine was fitted by Ian Torode in Silfiac in central Brittany - it’s extremely neat - the hook is easily removable and the electric connector folds up behind the bumper, so it’s almost invisible when not in use…