Town Gas Central Heating

Does anyone have experience in this field?

According to my research gas is still the least expensive fuel to use. Ok, so there is the installation costs, but what about running costs. I plan to do it floor by floor as a renovate my ‘Chateau Potentiel’. Be please to get any words of wisdom.

Having come across many English ‘builders’ I can believe it!

Thanks for the replies, that does help me. I am starting the realisation of my ‘grand design’ this year and think I’ll look at the costs. There is only me living here so I wont heat all areas, take showers mostly and will be having insulation put in as part of the renovation. Also I get the sun in the back of the house which should help. Will let you know the outcome.

Sounds obvious but make sure you actually have ‘Town Gas’ before doing anything. We have one house (not ours!) in our village that an English builder renovated for a client & fully plumbed it with radiators, boiler the lot - full English spec…guess what? we don’t have gas in our village. Doh!

You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s true!

Running town gas for us on a 2 bedroom 90m2 apartment is 90€ amonth, we have a condensation boiler for heating the water of which we run 2 baths every night, sometimes 3. We have a huge heated towel rail and 5 radiators (one in lounge, one in kitchen, one in hall and one in each bedroom). It’s a very old house with new double glazed windows but totally un-insulated walls or ceiling, so we lose a lot of heat. Sine November till this weekend the heating has been on all day and night although we turn off the lounge and kitchen and light a fire instead.
Our tenants upstairs which is very well insulated pay only 60€ a month for same size but only 2 adults, who shower instead of bath; they also have less efficient boiler, although new. They also add that when we light our fire, they turn their heating off!!! We really must get the insulation done!
Hope that helps a little.
PS Don’t use GDF they’re c–p!