TPS and disappearing channels

We have a TPS box and in the last few weeks some of the main French channels have disappeared- well we get the ‘You do not have the right to access this channel’ message which we normally just get for Canal + - first it was just 10 and 11 but now TF1 and France Television channels have gone- is anyone else experiencing a similar problem or is it just me?

Assume you’re talking satellite TV not TNT? TPS merged with CanalSat in 2008 and so far as I know it doesn’t exist any more. So you should have CanalSat (not the same thing as Canal Plus although it’s the same company – or it was back in 2008!). If my assumption is correct try this for starters: unplug the decoder from the mains and leave it for a minute or so. Plug it back in and let it reinitialise. You should now have all your channels back. CanalSat do regular updates to their software and programmes without telling you and occasionally if you don’t reinitialise the decoder the updates won’t work, causing problems with reception. This can also be the case if you’ve been away for some time and haven’t used the TV. If this doesn’t work go into the set-up menu and try loading the programmes manually (there’s a link to click to do this automatically). It will take some time to do this. If that doesn’t work there may be a problem with your card or with what it thinks you’re entitled to see. You can check this on the menu but as it doesn’t list the actual programmes, only a series of numbers representing various offers you’re subscribed to, it’s not always a lot of help. But it will tell you if your subscription is up to date. Try removing the card from the decoder and let it cool down (it can get very hot). Reinsert and reinitialise again. If none of this works, talk to your local TV shop and see if they can help – not always the case as CanalSat changed the rules of engagement a while back and the shops can no longer swap out decoders/cards as before. If all else fails call the CanalSat help line. Make sure you have your numéro d’abonné and the number of the card.

Never have had a similar problem, we use the mediocre Livebox from Orange.