Train employee strikes calendar

Just a bit of news about upcoming scheduled days for train travel to be impacted by strikes, this month on through June. Perhaps few folks on SF use the trains; but then again, I’m on SF and I rely on the trains heavily… In fact, now that I know this I might have to schedule my next trip to France around these dates.

On another note…I do wonder if I’ll ever figure out which train car is 1st class and which is 2nd class without being told. I see the ‘2’ on the car and then venture in and take a seat (this is for the trips when my ticket has no car # and seat # assigned). It’s twice now that I’ve been called out by the conductor collecting my ticket that I’ve been in the wrong car. As with so many things in France (for me), I’m learning by way of a sort of ‘touch and get burned’ method. :slight_smile:

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I’ve just received this update about the strikes. A quick glance and it seems to give a great deal of back-up information… how to change tickets, get a refund, alternate travel etc etc

Hope it helps someone.