Train Tickets - Poitiers to TGV Lorraine

My sister in law has some train tickets which she can no longer use from Poitiers to Lorraine, departing 06/05 at 17h12 and returning 13/05 at 17h13. She has put them on Leboncoin, here is the link if anyone is interested - ... tm?ca=20_s

Well that was my brief reading of the tems and conditions on the SNCF website.

I’m not sure if they are promotional prices David, I assume my sister in law would know, she’s French so has an advantage there being able to read the rules! :slight_smile:

Unless they are promotional tickets they are reimbursable at no charge up to the day before departure and on the day but with an admin charge. Seems a bit of a waste of money to sell them unless at face value when you can get your money back from SNCF