Transfer from Barclays to France via WISE

Hi, I just tried to transfer some money to France for the first time, using WISE. It was refused by Barclays, though everything seemed to go ahead at first. Do I have to set up WISE as a beneficiary first with Barclays before I attempt the transfer? Thanks for any help.

hi, know nothing about WISE, but i simply transfer on line to my french bank account. All free of charges.

Yes, the short answer is that I think you do, with any bank.
I regularly use Wise to transfer money to France. When you are into Wise setting up the transfer, it gives you the (Wise) bank details you need for your transfer from your UK bank. I have used those details (they don’t change apart from the amount) to set up a beneficiary in my bank (just the once) and from then on I just go into my UK bank and transfer the amount to that beneficiary, having “told” Wise to expect it. I don’t think I have explained that well and it sounds really complicated but it most definitely isn’t. I do at least 2 transfers a month that way…

Thanks for that, though I dont remember it giving me any bank details - I just put in the amount and the recipient, chose Barclays from the dispensing bank list, got into Barclays, and these details appeared in the transfer “form”. Where do I find the Iban for Wise?

When you log into your wise account, you then click onto “account” from the left hand menu, then you should see your active accounts (in my case, GBP, EUR, and USD) - use the drop down arrow and you will see your IBAN, sort code, account number, etc. These are the details you need to use to send money from your Barclays account to the Wise account.

Ah, thanks a lot for that. Funny that Wise does not tell you this at the start.

You can also add a UK debit card to your Wise account as a source of funds and bring across money that way.

I’ve only used it for small amounts so I don’t know if there is a limit on that method, but it does work instantly.

Thanks for the reply. In the end, I discovered that you only get your Wise Iban if you store money in their account. So I tried again ( what I did the first time), and this time, Wise asked for a copy of my passport, and everything went through - no objection from my British bank, despite not actually setting up Wise as a beneficiary. The money arrived chez le notaire within the day. Very good service.


Cool - glad you got it sorted!