Transfer of property title

Hi all,

A question for legal minds or perhaps someone who has experienced it. My house here is in the joint names of my wife and me and we now want it in just my name. Will my wife have to actually attend the notaire's office to sign documents or will I be able to have them sent to her for signature (and, I guess, witnessing)?


When we purchased our house, although I had enduring power of attorney, the Notaire insisted my husband go to the French Embassy in London so a 'French' official could witness his signature!

I've recently completed this process as my friend is moving back to the UK, the property was "Gift transferred " to me, took about four weeks. Everything has been signed and witnessed and I'm now waiting on the on the new deeds. Not too expensive either.

on the same track, what happens when you sign some of your land and property over to another family member, ie brother.

I've used a procuration twice for my OH, not because there's a language problem - she's french - but because it would have meant closing the shop, for the sake of a piece of paper it just isn't worth it. My notaire knows us both and she was the one who suggested a procuration ;-)

Thanks. Forewarned is forearmed!

Yes, the notaire. My husband wanted to be represented when we bought our flat here (he doesn't speak French very well, and even if he did, he'd rather not bother with anything like red tape…) and the solicitors were adamant about his presence at the office for the final signature (he avoided the "compromis").

I also recently bought a piece of rental property in my name only, and they were quite huffy about my husband's refusal to turn up at the office.

Thanks, but reticence from whom? The notaire?

The notaire can accept a representation, your wife will be sent a "procuration" that she'll need to sign and return to the notaire. Expect some reticence and possibly a refusal.