Transfer Wise

Hi all

Just transferred some money as I do each month. The rate I got was better than the Interbank rate for the day I placed the order, which means notionally I made a profit on the transfer. One cannot complain about that.

Peter S

Yes, I have also been impressed by TransferWise since I started using them about six months ago. On several occasions the transfer has gone through within an hour or two, even although I was told it would take two working days to complete the transaction. The rate has always been virtually the mid-market rate at that time and I do not have any complaints. Initially I was wary of the fact it was a peer-to-peer system that was being used but feel that sufficient safeguards are in place.

I agree also cannot praise them highly enough.

I agree - Transferwise have been very good since I started using them 6 months ago....l

Hi Peter

I use them all the time now. Very efficient and saves a fortune! Their estimated transfer dates were accurate at the beginning when there were fewer people using the service; now they usually transfer the money the same day they receive our funds which is a definite bonus and very quick service.