Transferring title deeds (or the French equivalent) - what are the rules?

Can anybody tell me what the rules are for transferring the title deeds (or the French equivalent) of a property please?

The short version of this saga is that my ex-partner and I bought a property in Maine et loire. Now separated, we've agreed, in principle, that I'll have the french house. At the moment, we both own it. How complicated is it for me to become the sole owner?

Help - all advice, suggestions and witticisms gratefully received...


Hi John,

Thanks for this advice. I'll definitely follow this up and sort out a meeting with our notaire.


Thanks James,

That sounds expensive and time-consuming! I wonder if the house could be 'gifted' to me....


Hi Sue,

Recently my wife and I went to see the notaire that handled the purchase of our house many years ago for some related property advice. We spent around forty minutes with him and he was very helpful. As we were leaving I enquired as to whether he would prefer to send us his bill or for us to settle up there and then. He advised us that in France advice from notaires is free. Notwithstanding that many of my friends are lawyers I've always found it a rather money-grabbing profession so this was a really pleasant surprise, especially as he was very relaxed about the amount of time we took to discuss our query. I suggest you contact your notaire and ask their advice on the matter. I'm sure your situation is one that they come across all the time.

Hi Sue

Unfortunately, I think you will have to go through the entire conveyancing procedure and buy it again. Including paying tax on the sale. :(