Translating documents

I gather from these threads that if you have an European birth certificate, marriage license, etc. you do not need it officially translated for the RSI as documents from within any European country do not have this requirement according to the law. And indeed, I was married in Holland so no translation needed for my marriage certificate.

I was informed however that I had to have my birth certificate and apostille translated by a certified translator, in order to get into the French health care system. I am American and therefore have an American birth certificate.

I am confused as to the law. One gentleman stated that when you move from a European country to any other European country, you do not have to have your documents translated. I moved to France from Holland yet they are asking for this. Am I misinterpreting what he said?

Thanks for any help and links to the law


As 'nice' as that, yes. )-:

So I guess the bottom line is, they can insist on anything they want, otherwise they won't process your application and we are at their mercy.

And then of course once they actually send me a form for the carte vitale to attach my photo to, it'll be 6 months at least until I see it. My European husband still does not have his and we've lived here a year.

I may well have responded to somebody's post but I guess Veleria who has posted here has summed it up. Even if other EU countries are more tolerant France has put its feet down and insists on translations although when I was doing all of this stuff two and three years ago they did not.

Hi Barbi, I'm originally from the UK and my son was born in Malta, both EU countries. I had to arrange for an official translation of both our birth certificates as the originals were not multi-lingual, only in English and English/Maltese.The RSI would not process my application until they received the translations which were sent a couple of weeks ago so hopefully things are now progressing.

What was the post about moving from one EU country to another, which is what I've done, and not needing any translations because of that? I think that was your post Brian or am I remembering incorrectly?

If your birth, marriage or any other certificate is multi-lingual including French they cannot demand translation. EU directives prohibited that some years ago but anything, even multi-lingual from outside the EU does not count. I do not think your USA birth certificate is in other language but English anyway, so you have no choice. So the apostille, etc business is, unfortunately and at some expense, what you must do... That's democracy and bureaucracy for you!