Translating English language uk birth certificates for caf

Good evening,

I am in the process of applying for my allocations familles (since last September!). The latest from CAF is that they want a French translation of my birth certificate as well as my wife and 2 sons. Does anyone know if they want a certified translation or can I try to translate it myself? They did not say they want a certified translation but maybe they assume it? Also where can I translate it and the typical cost. I see you had somewhere on your website a useful links for translations but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks.


Hi George

Yes, it will need to be by an attested translator… ask at your Prefecture for a list of those local to you…

Last time I had it done it was 30 euro each certificate, if memory serves me…

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Thanks. I will contact them for this list

Hello, I used these people and everything was done by telephone and email. Very efficient and highly recommended.

I downloaded a template from the British Council website and translated mine myself for the CAF. It’s never been questioned - probably because someone , somewhere assumed that British Council was ‘tres official’ so probably worth a try?

Thanks cat. I will try this thanks.

Thanks mandy. I checked out their website