Translation help please of beadboard

Translation help please of beadboard I can’t really find it

Beadboard means different things to different people, do you have a picture of what you are looking for, might help with translation.

i read it as breadboard - which probably would not have helped :slight_smile:

Never heard of beadboard- chipboard maybe, dalle agglomere?

This sort of thing


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Lambris is in the same territory (yes, I googled that :slight_smile: ) but I can’t aquickly find an exact match.

Also planche à baguette

It was lambris I was thinking about, you get it in plastic and MDF sheets.

We used the white ash plastic sheets right throughout the cottage up to 1m height, the plaster was rough at the bottom of the walls so 3 straps on the wall, the sheet is tongue & groove so stapled onto the straps a L moulding on top and skirting board glued to the bottom.
Since there is a air gap we have no damp, it insulates the wall and is dog and kid proof, wipes clean and is easily replaced if damaged.
It cut the cost of plastering by 40% and made my life a lot easier.

but what lurks behind?


please can you clarify exactly what you are talking about… :wink: :wink:

Nothing lurks behind as the walls were treated and coated with silver nitrate/nanoparticles before it went on, there are vents and I take the L moulding off once a year to check :wink: I am an old hand at this renevation malarky as I have done quite a few barn conversions.
Before and after.

fair enough @Griffin36 but everyone might not be so diligent :wink:

When we did our renovation we ordered baguettes…different widths, different profiles, but all baguettes. In my personal dictionary lambris are planks.

Baguettes in english is beading.

My translation of lambris would be “tongue and groove”. Way back a boss of mine used it to cover the ripply walls and even the ceiling of a small townhouse he had.

Lambris (it’s a general term) is just wall panelling of different aspects made of wood or modern composites. You would say boiseries if you were talking about eg antique linenfold panelling.


Then you want a cymaise moulure

When i type that in I get moldings