Translation of driving licence

I kknow this topic has been aired before but I think the rules in our area have changed. We now have to provide a “certified translation of English driving licence”. Has anyone had any experience of this and any suggestions where this could be obtained. many thanks for any help - much appreciated.

The only time I have ever heard of a need for a translation of an English DL in exchange for a French one was in respect of the old style paper DL (and in one case an old style one written in welsh).

Who informed you of this? A DVLC photocard licence is an EU one and needs no translation in order to be exchanged for a French permis. Perhaps ‘your area’ believes that the UK has already left the EU?

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The only experience I have of anything similar is when some car-hire companies wanted a recently downloaded part of the paper licence from DVLA web-site to allow car-hires.
It was something to do with not being able to see if the licence had been revoked/disqualified etc and having a print from a DVLA web-site could show that the licence was valid.
In reality, none of the car-hire companies ever asked for it although there were lots of scare stories in tabloid press.

I agree with Graham that the card part is/should be accepted as EU wide.

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I am not British but my original licence is in English, i was able to exchange for a French license and yes I had to provide a translated license even though my international license is written in several languages including French. I had to have it translated by an Official Court Appointed translater, but i can say the people at the prefecture were very patient and helpful.

Yes, but was it the new style photocard European licence or the old style paper issue?

My original licence was no photos and international license has photo, it is not european, but the translation was required for the exchange of licenses, it was painless, 45 euros for the translation. I got a license valid to 2031 and my original was for automatic only now i got a license for both manual and automatic without extra tests, i am happy.

To find a sworn translator to do a certified translation go to, look for your geographical region, download the PDF list (or follow the link if there is one), and search for translators on the list in part ‘H2’.

I simply swapped my old paper licence for a French DL via the maire back in 2003, no translation needed.