Translation of your everyday bills/emails and help with your emergency/non emergency calls (Dr/Vet/Bill related calls etc!)

I am French but been living in the UK for 10+ years so I am Bilingual.
We are planning on moving to France very soon.
I am self employed and work from home.
I offer you my services for Translations English-French/French-English.
I can translate your emails, bills, letters and anything you need help for.
I am also available for emergency and non emergency calls if you need help for translation or to talk to French companies/Dr etc.
Competitive rates as I am not accredited to sign translated work like Birth certificate etc.

Please comment on here and I will get back to you.


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Whereabouts in France will you be living as the services you are going to offer would be of interest to me.


We will be living in Lot et Garonne but I am able to work from home if client is too far as most (if not all) of the work can be done via emails/calls/internet.
I am also offering PA work for people needed help to call French companies if needed and to research things for them etc :slight_smile: