Translation problem

Can anyone help me please?

What does “Repassage facile” mean?

I work on the theory that after half an hour most kids look scruffy anyway but my kids look better because after half an hour of wearing their clothes all the crinkles have dropped out.

I can live with crinkly clothes no bother. Anyway, who decided flat ironed looks good?

Repassage facile is an oxymoron, apart from anything else. Ironing, pah! Life is too short. I'm with Cate on how to make it easy

You two are a bit too sharp for this time of day. Have you both been on the foie gras?

Only you could have hit the nail so perfectly on the head Cate: "Ironic"

Simply Brill - it works on so many levels.

Irony - the lowest form of removing creases from garments.

Hrm, hrrumm. Clears throat. I would be most grateful if someone could give me some ironing lessons / tips.

My shirt looks like I slept in it.

Of course, had it been 'facile à repérer' then they would have meant another punter who thinks he/she needs to go out to by an iron!

Okay Nick, translate it the way my wife translates it "don't fold, hang up as soon as it's off the line and it shouldn't need ironing".

Does that help?

No, I know what the words are - but what do they really mean.

I've translated it as half an hour time wasting after having wrestled with an ironing board and getting into a steam.

...and even with the GPS function couldn't find it!

Mr H managed to put his phone in the washing machine didn't he?

Je repasse donc je suis.


I am just chortling at the fact that Mr H was the first to reply. Slightly ironic coming from a man who would need a compass to find the washing machine.

Researcher but not explorer. It would take Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes to find some of ours. I found the livebox one as I found the washing machine one, but the first of three that is. Where the present one's manual may be is anybody's question.

Scruffy s*d I may be, BUT I even iron my tee shirts and jeans! Never quite got to my mother's degree of ironing socks though ;-)

Why should we congratulate you Brian? You were a researcher doing what researchers do best. Should have been easy for a pro. :-) Even me, a mere engineer, can find the manuals for things. Might take a bit of time as they're all bunged in the same drawer but I find 'em, eventually!!!

Note to myself :- Remember to sort out manuals as the twin tub washing machine was dumped a long time ago along with the Betamax video recorder.

But Brian you still had to look it up, whereas we women just know! Although I am embarrassed to say someone mentioned an 'iron' recently in our house and my 9 year old asked me what it was, I hastily said 'fer a repasser' and she still said, 'yes, but what is it?'. Just goes to show how much ironing goes on in our house!