Translator required - URGENT

Hi all

On behalf of a friend I'm looking for a translator / interpreter to help a client of hers near Limoges. The postcode is 87140. This is extremely urgent and they must be on the ground.

Please PM me if you're able to help / know someone and I will pass your details on.


I do both (although I don't count myself as amazing!) and would be happy to help, but I guess it's a bit late now!

Can the people who messaged me please send me a phone number that I can pass onto my friend? Thanks.

And yes Kirsty, in answer to your question she is translator AND interpreter and is looking for another one of her so to speak!

You might like to specify the language pair - most (decent) professional translators only translate into their mother tongue, so specifying "French to English" or "English to French" would be useful. Also, is the person looking for a translator AND an interpreter? (For those unfamiliar with the distinction - a translator translates the written word, an interpreter the spoken word. Very different skill sets are required. Some (amazing) people manage to be both, but not many... (In case you hadn't guessed, I'm a French to English translator. But I'm not an interpreter and I'm not anywhere near Limoges, but I've posted this because the original post was a little vague.)