Translator services

Can anyone recommend someone that can translate English to French during a zoom meeting. Ideally with some understanding of financial aspect of France. I look after the employees of a few US tech companies and in the main are English speaking but I will need to conduct and offer translation in French. This will be ongoing work for multiple meetings per employee.

I can recommend someone . And did you get my WhatsApp? X

Are you looking for translation, or interpretation ? From your description of the video conferencing setup, it sounds more like interpretation - you would have to decide whether which you want and whether you want it to be simultaneous or not. Depending on the specificity of the field, this can turn out to be quite expensive. For work, I have been involved in legal hearings with simultaneous translation FR/DE/GB in the past, but at the time, it was all done from a booth overlooking the hearing room. I’m not sure how this would work over Zoom, unless they provide a dedicated audio channel for such simultaneous translation. If they didn’t, then I guess the translation would have to be non-simultaneous.