Translators needed

Hello all,

I have been working for Textmaster for the last three years and have now become one of their language managers. We need translators, in particular from Italian to English, but all language pairs are welcome as are proofreaders and copywriters. You need to be proficient in Italian and be able to produce flawless (as near as possible) English. There are various levels of translators from Basic through to Enterprise and your earnings increase as you prove your ability. You don't need a formal qualification, but if you do have one, so much the better. Payments are made regularly via PayPal.

If you have any questions or want to go straight to take the entrance tests, follow this link or you can send me a message. I really enjoy working for them and the extra income has quite literally transformed my life.

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I am sat here absolutely sniggering.

Proofreading shatters my nerves - it's like taking an exam all the time. But it's something I've always wanted to be good at. And I do try!

But after reading this thread I went delving around the various sites and, of course, most of them are content writing.

Well, it's so funny. Half the people who are writing content can't spell - which is okay because half the sites that employ them can't spell either. Is 'plagiatism' a real word? Because if it isn't I rest my case.

The problem is that these things can lull you into a false sense of security - you start to think you are better than you are just because a load of them are rubbish. Dangerous ground!

Leave me sat here long enough and I'll start to believe I can speak French!

I would say there was less proofreading, but if you're a professional, they'd love to hear from you. It's always worth applying, because you never know what's going to crop up and next week there could be tons of proofreading.

Why the French have to have a language in which the written word bears no resemblance whatsoever to the same spoken word, is completely beyond me! - just like in English :-O ;-)

I don't know about the grammar but I do know those Italian words roll off the tongue a lot easier than those French words! Why the French have to have a language in which the written word bears no resemblance whatsoever to the same spoken word, is completely beyond me!

Italian pronounciation is easier but the grammar is a lot more complicated, Karen, especially in the spoken language - the use of all four subjunctive tenses, more gender and conjugation issues too :-O

but it's still my first love ;-)

Most of the people that work for the content sites are churning out 'articles' and focusing on keywords. They aren't translators. The second link you provide makes the point that they are an 'author' ie content writer. Ten a penny stuff.

The first link you provide I find really interesting - someone has found a job where they have to do no work what so ever...apparently. And they stopped doing that, did they? They packed in a job where they didn't have to do any work and got paid. If you believe that's true, Catharine you'll believe anything.

I don't do the job so I'm not qualified to speak directly, but I would seriously question the validity of such posts by content writers who describe themselves as authors, and people who complain about getting paid for doing work which requires no effort whatsoever.

Wendy, thanks for posting the heads-up about the work. Not that I can speak French or Italian (although I think Italian is easier!) Can I ask, do they get much call for proofreaders - the English to English type?

Oh and I meant to say fast-tracked to enterprise level!

Hi Andy,

Sometimes it's quieter than others. if you are a professional translator you may be able to be fast-tracked. Send me a friend request plus your email and a brief CV or link to your website, and I'll see what I can do. Meanwhile, don't wait for email notifications, keep checking in...the juicy jobs go within seconds. Once you've been on their a while you'll get regular clients, I'm rarely without work...

I've been signed up for a week now. I'm a professional copy-editor and proofreader, as well as German to English translator and there are no projects whatsoever! Is this usual or should I expect a tidal wave of work? I passed the test for copy-writing with "premium" points. Must say I'm a little disappointed at the distinct lack of work. I can do French to English as well but I'm not exactly motivated to take the test.

Thanks Wendy. I'll do that.

Ah, they 'turn off the tap' when they've got enough people. Try again in a few days.

French not on the list this evening when I checked....maybe just got to check in everyday, to see if it appears..

You're may hear from Sarah, because I sent her your details and she's the person who recruits the pro translators...expect another test!! There are a couple of tricks to get the most out of TM, if you want to give me a ring sometime...

Thanks for the encouragement Andrew, I would definitely avoid legal, hoping to find stuff relevant to wine and viticulture as well as heritage and tourism but willing to do most things.

Wendy have applied, just waiting for it to be moderated, so thanks.

"I'm beginning to wish I'd not posted it."


Wendy, as everybody knows, when you post something on a forum not everyone will always agree with everything. I've been the only fly in the ointment (so far), overall people have appreciated it.

Applications are open now for French to Eng translators just for today!

Hi Heather and thanks for your support. A quick update too they are opening applications for French to Eng translators specially for SFN people today only. They want to know if applicants are likely to be Premium (very good) or Enterprise (experienced pros). If anyone has any probs feel free to phone me.

Just my 2 cents worth..

I'm sure that Wendy, as a regular contributor to this site, wouldn't have posted if this wasn't a genuine opportunity. She's hardly going to risk her reputation for 10 % of next to nothing. I've joined the site to see if there"s any suitable work available (though at the moment it appears that new French to English translators are not required). If there is, and if the pay is reasonable for the quality of work produced and the time it takes to do it, I'll go for it. If it isn't worth it, so be it, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So, thanks for posting Wendy, we'll see what comes of it.