Transport of antique furniture to England

Seems strange that I should be asking advice on this subject because I have before given advice in this area, but not so specific.

I have 2 items of furniture, a grandfather clock and a roll top desk, both of which may or may not be described as antique (not sure of the definition) but both are very old and somewhat delicate especially the desk as it is heavy and could suffer damage if not handled with care.

They have both been promised to my daughter in Nottingham who is very keen on her family’s history. Both belonged to my grandparents and the clock at least is over 110 years old as they had it on their wedding in 1912.

We had been waiting for a suitable time for me to take them but that is way too far now and I am thinking that we may be able to afford to send them by a specialist carrier. So does anyone know of a company that fits that description? I know several removers but none who would take extra special care, and responsibility. At a premium cost of course, I accept that.

How about she rents a van and drives? That’s what I’d do :slightly_smiling_face:

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She can’t drive, has no passport, has 3 disabled sons ages 24 years and upwards to cope with, so not an option. In addition she is a tigress in defence of her autistic boys and brooks no fools. Headmasters and social workers flee and quail in terror at her approach, so no chance of the passport because some numpty can’t understand anyone who hasn’t had one by the age of 50.
I am immensely proud of her. :joy:

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A possibility for you might be to contact a UK International removal company like Abels and get them put on a truck returning empty from France. I have used this system a couple of times.

Yes, thank you David, I had considered that plus Whites and a few others but I just wondered if anyone had used a firm which specialises in antiques realising that they need extra care. The value of these in insurance terms is of nothing if they get damaged, their value lies in family history which cannot be replaced.

I had measured up the car to make sure they could be transported safely by me, but then came Brexit, covid and my inability to go so far because of responsibilities here and so I have to think of something else.

But again, thank you nevertheless. :smiley: