Travel Germany to France

Wondering if anyone can advise…

I’m currently in Hannover, Northern Germany and have been since early December having driven here from the UK.

I considering if if it would be possible for me to drive from here to my house in Lot-et-Garonne because of COVID restrictions?

(On this occasion I’d probably drive a route passing Paris rather than go vis southern Germany due to heavy snow in the South of Germany)

Thank you

The internal borders within europe are open. But you are no longer European. So if you are a British resident with a British passport and are driving a British registered car you will likely be stopped at the border. You know you have come from Germany, but anyone could say that!

At the moment you can only enter France from the United Kingdom if you are a permanent resident here, or other essential reasons.

Il est possible de se rendre en France depuis le Royaume-Uni uniquement en cas de motifs impérieux ou pour rejoindre son domicile principal. Il est possible de voyager pour le travail, les études ou autres motifs justifiés. Un justificatif peut être demandé lors du passage à la frontière.

It might also be wise to have a PCR test certificate with you - a negative one!

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Thank you Jane,

That’s very helpful.

Out of interest are there actual border stops/controls in place between Germany and France?
I thought there may have been between the Netherlands and Germany when I came…but nothing at all!
During the late summer I crossed into France from southern Germany with again absolutely no border recognition at all. Only when I got as far as a Peage well into Dordogne was I briefly questioned by a Gendarme.
I realise things may have changed now are borders. Just asking out of interest.

I think I’ll probably just go back to the UK first and come to France hopefully when things get a bit easier.

As far as I know there are no fixed controls, as in every car having to stop and be waved through. But with a british number plate you will stand out and are much more likely to be stopped.

In the summer there was a relaxation of rules, and the european borders were completely open including to British people. However you are now not european! I haven’t been across the german border recently but it may well be that non-europeans are asked to stop and get their passports stamped. However since Germany/France is an internal EU border it could still be completely check free.

I might just wait until my German passport arrives then! Hahaha!

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

There are only ever spot checks, so the likelihood of you getting stopped on any of the Franco - German crossings (or even DE- LU crossings) is very small. Until confinement, I would cross that border anywhere between 6 to 15 times a year, and even when Covid19 was raging in Baden Wurtemberg, you could still cross.

What number plates do you have on your car?

French, but there are virtually no physical checks on the borders. You’re more likely to be stopped by the autobahn polizei getting on/off the motorway on the way to/from the border.
German declaration from the 3 border regions

As I said it’s not likely, but were one to be stopped with a british passport the french official could be less than helpful! Plague Island and all that…

It could certainly make for an interesting conversation :grin:

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So, my car has British plates.

I could do the journey from Hannover via Baden-Württenberg (where my Mum now lives). There seem to be so many small roads that one could normally cross into the countries in that ‘Dreieck’…but I’d be worried about weather conditions there at present as well.

But, it all just sounds like…asking for trouble! Hahaha!

Castex’s press conference tonight said the border between france and UK will remain closed (presumably except for essential travel and even then requiring negative covid tests).

And yes I know the french-german border is an entirely different thing…but still with a brit registered car you will have a red flag on you. Do you really need to be here?

(And if you want to come in via Paris do remember there is also a curfew in Ile de France, as well as eastern departments. So coming in late at night down small roads perhaps not recommended)

I know someone who travelled down from Dieppe in a UK reg’d car last night and he didn’t get stopped so I don’t think Derin should worry too much.

No, I don’t ‘have’ to there at all. It’s just that I haven’t been to my house in Lot-et-Garonne since September.
I have no great desire to be back at my house in the UK either though.

One person doesn’t constitute a valid statistic, surely.

The curfews are to be extended and the Grand Est is very hard-hit by covid now so I’d say travelling through isn’t a very good idea. People will be checked.