Travel Insurance for Asia

We’re thinking about a holiday in Asia next year but are struggling to find travel insurance (Health). Am I right in thinking this usually comes with your mutuel? Which we dont have. Any suggestions…?

We have just been to Morocco and got travel insurance with Staysure.

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Worth checking your home insurance.

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I took their insurance to travel to Africa

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I’ve just renewed my annual travel insurance, it covers worldwide, multiple trips as long as they don’t exceed 90 days. It’s with Europ Assistance.
217€ for thé annual cover, but you must have a carte vitale.

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Thanks John

Maybe not Tim, they don’t get great reviews…Like all of them there is never a problem with them taking your money, I’ve never had an insurance claim of any kind so don’t have any experience of the claims side

I have medical insurance cover with ACS in France and they paid promptly when I had a claim so I had no hesitation in taking their travel insurance.

Thanks Pete, that’s really helpful.