Travel Insurance for the over 80s

Does anyone know where, being 83 years of age, I may obtain world wide travel insurance? I am planning a trip to Australia but all the insurers in the UK that provide such a service, understandably, restrict it to UK residents. I notice also, on the internet, that there are a number of insurers advertising travel insurance for ex-pats but all I have seen have an upper age limit, mostly well below 80.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Chris Boyd

I suggest that if you are over 75 you will have a problem getting reasonably priced travel insurance as an expat in France unless £600 a month seems OK especially if you are going to the Americas or the Indian and Far Eastern continents. CA SudMed's Mastercard Gold and Platinum debit cards are worth considering. An English version of their range of insurances is on the Internet and includes world wide medical, travel problems and luggage. All the family are covered on one card. No age restrictions. The claim forms are French works of art but once you get a claim accepted they come up trumps in 2/3 weeks. In our case we had to cancel an expensive flight to America at very short notice and when advising Mastercard, by phone, in English, that we were changing our flight and wanted verification that they would honour the additional costs from our account they volunteered the information that we were covered by them for such an eventuality! We got every penny of the extra flight costs repaid. One requirement is that you must pay all your travel costs with their card, be reasonably fit and active. They can also arrange travel for you, tickets etc but it must be done over the telephone.

Already sorted with but many thanks for your reply.

Try Globelink

Thanks Ron, one I did not look at anyway.

Thanks Ken, sounds like a good outfit, very similar to the one I have now insured with having increased premiums at certain age points. They have schemes for various ages up to 84. After that they will still consider the higher age groups.

I know you're now sorted Chris, but for the benefit of others people might like to take a look at Citybond Travelsure ( ). They are a UK company but cover EU residents and also most common pre-existing medical conditions. Single trip cover is available for all ages, although with increased premiums at certain age points, and annual cover policies are available up to age 85. Most important for me, although perhaps not for many out there, is that they cover motorcycling for any size bike not just the scooter/moped cover most policies offer.

I would NOT recommend Europassistance.

Thanks for your reply Sandy. I now have the insurance I wanted using the recommendation given on here by Simon Armstrong. I just crept in on one of their schemes, another year older and I would have had more problems.

Thank you again Simon.

My husband is 77 and we get annual worldwide travel insurance from Allianz insurance. His age was no problem at all, and the annual premium is surprisingly reasonable.

Thanks Simon, will give them a call.

Hi Chris - these guys are pretty good