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Anyone know who in France offers multi-trip annual travel assurance for over 65s? None of the UK insurers want to know once they find out you are non-resident.

I tried Staysure, who were only interested in how many items of medication I took for my asthma, not had I ever been hospitalised (never).
I was being dealt with by a young lass with a question sheet, which bore no relation to my state of health.
All they did was add on more for any medication I took, not how well I was by taking them!

We also use europesure, and have been for 4 years. We use their multi-trip, world wide including the US policy and have found them to be the cheapest. I am in my 70's and my wife a few years younger.

Best laugh I've had in ages. Sorry, but you do have a lovely turn of phrase Paul! This should, of course, have gone into your previous reply.

you certainly have to be careful. As far as I am aware, any policy offered by a UK company requires you to be a) UK resident and b) for your holiday to begin and end in the UK. So if considering a UK policy be careful to check these things.

My advice is to get a Gold Mastercard from your bank. It costs about 100€ per year and gives excellent cover for travel, car hire CDW and and an extra year insurance for electrical items. The extra insurance one takes out on car rental will more than pay for this card for a year.



To be honest I have motored to Spain and Italy from Brittany just on my normal insurances and with the European Health cover document. Thus far I haven't come unstuck but I always take out specific cover if I go to the Far East for example. I don't travel that much anyway these days. My friend Crispin Spears (link above) will give you very sound advice. It's best to speak to an expert. Yes- my friends and family seem to be rather heavy claimants. Regrettably amongst my friends a few won't be making any more claims.

You do need to be pretty careful especially in countries with high medical costs. A friend's wife had a stroke in New York and was obliged to spend quite a lot of time there in hospital. She was covered but the bills were astronomical. My son was repatriated from Thailand under his insurance. A French friend was repatriated from the Philippines- they sent a doctor out to accompany him all the way back to Brittany. It's very important to observe the rules- and contact the insurers the moment anything happens. If you incur costs without their prior approval you may well not be compensated. Unfortunately I also know people whose daughter died on her gap trip in South America, and another guy whose son was shot in California whilst on his gap year- he took a short time job to earn some money and was on a cash desk when it was attacked. A friend who at the time was a diplomat for the UK in India said that quite a few people have serious problems in India every year. I knew a guy who went to India and was dead in < a week as he developed viral encephalitis from, I was told, an infected mozzie bite. Cheer up!

No! I think we have house and contents and now also hospitalisation only top up, but I think it was the household which qualified us.

We use Staysure, found it easily the cheapest option.

Very interesting Ruth. Are your policies with AXA special ones? I have AXA policies for both car and home/contents and would not be averse to this free travel arrangement!

Thank you Paul - very useful

Crispin Spears Associates Lloyds of London (I have known him 50 years!)

Hello. We have axa as insurers for some of our policies, and they give FREE travel insurance to us because of this! ( only found out after we'd been paying groupama for it for a few years,but they also offer travel insurance, and do not even ask your age. I did query it, and she looked quite taken aback!).

Thank you one and all for the leads. Will contact them

Hi Roy,

There's also Globelink International.

Hi Roy, Yes Europesure go up to age 79 for residents of France and other EU territories underwritten at Lloyd's of London

We use