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Hi all
Friends came across the borders to visit their family in Switzerland for Christmas but had to stay put in their french holiday home (rules changed as they arrived).
Now they are concerned with uk talks of Hotel isolation, like NZ.
Can anyone advise pleae, if this is only for non-residents or for ALL travellers going back into uk?
Their concern is more because they have a 30kg Dog travelling with them too!
Info is from an interview with uk foreign secretary.
Thanks all

Latest is this

Travel corridors will be suspended from 4am on Monday 18 January.

Anyone arriving in the UK after 4am on Monday 18 January will need to self-isolate for 10 days, and have proof of a negative test. This applies to all people coming into the UK (apart I believe from lorry drivers). So they will have to go straight to their home and stay there.

(Coronavirus (COVID-19): how to self-isolate when you travel to England - GOV.UK)

](Coronavirus (COVID-19): testing for people travelling to England - GOV.UK)

Thankyou Jane Jones that’s how I understood it too. The concern was that uk foreign secretary was quoted, this morning, as considering isolation terms as per New Zealand.

Well the UK foreign secretary is Dominic Raab…the one who didn’t even know that Dover-Calais was a major route!

Indeed. When interviewed on BBC TV over a year ago in Dover Cross Channel Terminal he actually said in interview ´I hadn’t realised the importance of Dover as an major import export Town.
This is why everyone thinks they live in the Westminster with no idea what goes on in the world. Dreadful that so many important decisions with Brexit and Covid are decided by such ignorant people. I have a bit of sympathy over the pandemic but people should be led by the truth and not by politicians thinking that if they tell the public what they want to hear - rather than the truth - they will feel better. The number of U-turns is embarrassing.
It’s easy for them making such important decisions from their desks in Westminster knowing it will not effect them. They will most probably end up with a huge pension and many even a knighthood!
They just don’t live in the real world.

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If only they actually sat at a desk in Westminster things might be better! Then they’d read their briefing papers and have some clue how things work. I am totally sure that Dominic Raab was provided with concise, well-written and organised papers that told him everything he needed to know about cross-channel traffic amongst other things in his portfolio.

Hi Jane,
I have been in lockdown for months in France. I can get back to England under the new rules of a negative test within 72 hours of arriving in the U.K. But I have also read that the test had to be by a company recognised by the U.K. Border Force.
But typically it doesn’t say which tests are on the list as OK and which are not recognised. I have always found FAQs a total waste of time because my questions are never on the list. And there is no way on the GOVUK site where you can contact a human being to ask a question.
I will eventually find someone who got back and answer the question but such a fuss which needn’t be.

It’s currently in terms of a specification rather than a list of approved providers. The specification seems to be 97% specificity and 80% sensitivity to 100,000 viral copies/ml; it is your responsibility to make sure the test meets the required standard.


assuming that you haven’t done so already, of course.

But he is so super clever and marvellous that he wouldn’t need even to glance at it, at least in his own estimation.

Not sure who to ask ?
I can get a Covid-19 test at a Health Centre in Bergerac. I know some who did this last week and returned to Britain with no problems.
My problem is I need to do that, but also get back to France and that seems to be where the problems are. I need to see my dentist who has suggested I visit a dentist here in the Dordogne and there is one at the Health Centre in Bergerac Without showing any disrespect for dentists there, does anyone know a good local dentist ?
Someone on here gave me a contact before Christmas but I have lost the details. He/she can be French although my French is not brilliant.

Martin is my middle name but the site is using my first name Christopher.

Martin, it was me who gave you the details of a wonderful, French raise but UK dentist in St Astier (so only about a 45 minute drive from you). He obviously speaks perfect English and is lovely, well priced and is a surgeon as well (which is more than I can say for other dentists we saw before finding him!). I’ll send you another private message with his details.

No way would I be going to the UK for anything let alone teeth when the dentists here are so good!

I hope it is OK to post this @cat just edit if it isn’t.

Dr Daniel Oaten
St Astier
05 53 54 12 98

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I’ve been travelling to the UK up until a year ago to see my excellent dentist there (who took some finding, so I’ve been reluctant to let her go!)
However, needs must so if anyone knows a good dentist in Manche or thereabouts who is likely to be prepared to take on new patients (the ones I’ve tried haven’t been), I should be very grateful indeed!

You are so kind. I now remember you contacting me but decided to wait until the New Year before contacting him and just can’t find the details you sent me.
Martin in Bergerac.

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Go to the top right hand of your screen and you will see next to your picture (to the left) a number showing you have a private message, click on that and my letter to you should come up. Also go back a few posts on here and I did post the details on this thread as well.

I started going to a French dentist some years back - with some slight hesitancy. Not just the cost, but also snobbishly thought that a small town dentist in the sticks couldn’t be as good as my previous central london practice. Wrong!

Had a root canal here, and a while later while in London made an emergency trip to old dentist. On looking at the x-rays London dentist was amazed at the quality of the work, and said that would not have ben possible within NHS time and with NHS equipment. So book appt here would be mu advice!

Thanks Jane. Now to find one…

Donkeys years ago I was here on holiday when I had an abcess and all sorts of trouble. Went to the dentist in our town (size of a village) and he was absolutely excellent. Unfortunately, he has now retired :thinking:

Where are you again Angela, perhaps someone can help?

There is a very good dentist in Castillon-la-Bataille:

Dentiste Christophe Rouillard
3 Avenue Jules Ferry,
33350 Castillon-la-Bataille,

He is a young French chap but his mother is English so he speaks perfect English - this is very handy my French is improving but not very good when there is a dental implement in my mouth - my mumbling in English is much better!

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