Travel to USA

I am visiting my daughter in the USA, i have been told that my CV will cover medical expenses and just go along and get a assettation from them, I also have top up insurance. Is this correct or do I need to get some insurance, if so doeas anyone know of where I can get this from please. Thanks

Hello, Thank you both,
i think I will take out ins.

I don't know much about the CV - but would assume as Andrew says, that it covers you for reciprocal cover in the EU only. For the USA you should probably take out a very good policy. Not only for the high medical bills you could possible accrue, but also transportation home if incapacitated.

Hopefully though you won't have any issues, but i would never travel to the USA without a really good travel insurance poilcy.


as far as I was aware the carte vitale covers for reciprocal care in the EU, once outside the EU it MAY cover emergency treatment - you have to pay up-front then argue your case once you return to get a refund... best get travel insurance!

more info here ;-)