Travelling in and out of Schengen with just WARP application receipt

I need help urgently.
I commute each week from France to Croatia and transit through Zurich, Amsterdam or Frankfurt due to limited flights( no Covid comments please as this is my job and not negociable).
Tonight in Zurich I was accused of fabricating my WARP residency application and told that the email showing my WARP application email receipt is not fit for travel. I was told that I am not allowed to return from Croatia to the schengen area after the 28th March I.e. my home in France as I have been out of the UK for more than 90 days.
When I argued the email is the permit to travel, I was told to contact the French government or I have to go back to the UK…

I carry every bit of paper with me including copy of the WARP email, S1, EDF attestation, travel justification from my employer, impot number…

I have contacted the British Embassy, Brexit team in the French Government, local Prefecture and no response from anyone. The BE actually suggested I go back to the UK leaving behind my partner and animals.

I have a Croatian resident permit too as it is also a work permit.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do or who to speak to?

Who told you that in Zurich and why will you come across them again on your trip back? You could always use another route.

The British Embassy suggested you go back to the UK!?! Was this the embassy here in France?They should have been more helpful than that! I would keep on at them, and make sure you carry their emergency phone number with you too.

How long ago did you submit your application? As in most places people who submitted in October are now getting their cards so maybe not long now to have this stress. I don’t know whether the British Embassy has a route to hurry up a préfecture? Probably not, but maybe préfecture has.

I have no suggestions, but just some sympathy as this must feel so stressful. I hope it was just one border guard having a bad day.

(@Therese_Rigby will be worried too…)

Exactly Jane. This is just the kind of situation that I don’t want to find myself in.
Some of us have a quite particular (usually unique) set of circumstances which make up our lives in Europe and we literally fall through the gaps of what is covered in the WA.

The Swiss border guard obviously didn’t believe that you live in France. Maybe it’s the Croatian resident permit that’s clouding the issue. Did he record all this on a database or was it just a verbal discussion? If it was just verbal you might get away with next time with a more sympathetic official.
Have you not got the contact details of the person at the prefecture who is handling your application? I’m assuming that you’ve already been for your fingerprints. If you haven’t got past this stage yet then it will probably be quite a while before you get your CdS.

True…swiss border guards are not noted for their flexibility and willingness to give people the benefit of the doubt.