Travelling with a dog

When my notaire finally gets his finger out, I’ll be needing to bring the family to the new pad. In your experience…how easy it to bring a pet dog to France? I appreciate the everything MIGHT change now Boris has the reigns.

I have been told our pooch needs to see a VET before leaving both countries?
Can she be in the car with us on the Eurotunnel?

Comments gratefully received.

If she has a current passport, travelling with her will be a easy experience.
Unless things have changed she will need to have a flea/tick soloution (administered by a vet) before you travel, you then have a 24 hour window to commence your journey. She will stay in the car with you through the tunnel.
At the Folkestone terminal there is a lovely area for pets to excercise and do what they need to do (bags provided)
As you might know there are plenty of areas to stop on route to stretch the legs.
The same procedure applies when travelling back to the UK
If these rules have changed I’m sure someone will correct me.

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Currently it’s easy. Pooch needs passport, microchip, to be wormed and a rabies job at least 21 days before travel. However ours has never been checked coming into france! Going into England is another matter and you have to have everything and the worming signed by a vet giving date and EXACT time within a 5 day window.

If you have a category 1 or 2 dog then it is more stringent.

I personally think Eurotunnel is less stressful for pets than the ferries. And they have good facilities for dogs, with agility equipment, special area for bitches on heat and so on. Our country bumpkin was a bit intimidated tho’ when we went over one time at same time as Crufts and he was surrounded by the most superior creatures.

Well who knows what will happen in the next months…this is current gov advice post brexit.

But if you think the no-deal might happen at end Oct, then you need to start the process of rabies checking now! As need min of 3 months I think.

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Gosh the rules have changed, six months when I first brought my dog over.
I had forgotten about the different catagories. And dogs accepted in France maybe ‘banned’ from other parts of Europe, has that changed?
I like the current flexiblty, it may stop dogs being abandoned?

Brittany ferries have dog friendly cabins on some routes. My dogs love the trip.