Treats for kittens

We want to give our very active 7-month old kittens a special small treat on the odd occasion when they have ‘been good’.
We know not to give them any human food like biscuits, but does anyone recommend any special type/brand/style we could use that doesn’t contain any rubbish ingredients and is healthy for them.

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You could try keeping a bag of cold water prawns in the freezer, and taking 2 or 3 out each day? They defrost v quickly.

Or get cooking

Your Cat Will Flip for These Homemade Cat Treats – tuft + paw.

@JaneJones’s idea is a good one - if your cat likes prawns! Mine won’t touch them, nor any sort of fish.

Dreamies are very popular. I think Thrive is slightly better (my cat likes the chicken liver version). You could also feed them little bits of cooked chicken (cook extra and then freeze in bits).

My cat also loves air-dried ham and saucisson, but you have to be very sparing because of the amount of salt.

Ours loves Catisfactions, and will pause eating his kibbles if one of these is placed on the table. They’re tiny biscuits, but he only gets one or two a day. I don’t think they contain any unnatural additives, otherwise my wife wouldn’t buy them.

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Well they are made by the Mars food group and they are certainly bastions of …junk.
Difficult to buy anything in a packet along the kibble range that isnt rubbish from a byproduct of another. Certainly not what a cat would naturally eat. I am with Jane keep it real food.

Watching “how do they do that” program which was Purina factory they shedded corn cob husk into bits added crap flavorings like crisp manufacteres do and et viola kibble. I wouldnt ever feed our cat junk, no wonder more pets are getting diabetes and cancers.

Lecture over :grin:

Thanks to all of you for giving your ideas on treats for our kittens. We have decided to keep clear of the shop bought items and will be buying some chicken to steam and freeze and bring out when they have been good. We read with horror Corona’s posting - it’s put us off crisps too!
We don’t usually offer them biscuits or cakes when we have our morning coffee or afternoon tea. However, they know the sound of the wrappers of the wafer biscuits or lemon madelaines and even if I put the goodies in kitchen roll, somehow the kittens sense that something is going on and from being fast asleep, suddenly jump on our laps and ‘mug’ us. So we’ve taken to crumbling part of the wafer biscuit in their food bowls. But I think that fresh chicken or as Jane Jones suggests some prawns would be better for them. We don’t think we can carry these goodies around in our pockets though - we’ll just dole them out as and when.


Our boys go crazy for the ‘rubbish’ treats from Sainsbury. But only the ‘catnip’ flavour.
Rarely given, as not many friends travel to the UK now and bring them back.
Have resorted to a teaspoon of natural yogurt - both love this. Other treat is a sprinkle of catnip to lick of my hand…