Tree identification

I cut and cleared a large tree yesterday, but not sure what it is. About 20 - 25m high, straight 10m trunk, grey smooth bark with pale patches, wood almost white. It’s not ash, alder, beech, silver birch, oak, sycamore or chestnut. Thought it might be hornbeam, but it is a bit too big. Not sure about poplars, but the bark is wrong.

Any ideas?

No idea at all… but we have a lot of Acacia here… so perhaps… ???

No, not acacia

I must say that the mossy bark looks very similar to my Cherry tree…

Can you tell us what it looked like before you chopped it… any photos…

Definitely not cherry, bark is in horizontal bands on cherry. Will get some pics of the same standing trees tomorrow

I admit I know nothing about trees… am only really trying to nudge your little grey cells…:wink:

there are 4 pages of Bark photos… should be able to find something there… at least it’s worth a try…

Good luck

Think they need more than a nudge these days Stella, that reminds me (your name​:laughing::laughing:) it’s beer o’clock .

Could be a lime tree , not convinced though.

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Spent hours today on tinterweb and still can’t decide. This is a pic of a couple of younger, similar trees. Leaning towards some type of poplar hybrid…

Shame that you don’t have any photos of the tree in leaf as it would be easier to identify. I have clicked onto Google images and marked … identifying tree trunks…lots of photos there so maybe you can find one similar. Good luck :smile:

Come along Mark Robbins… we’ve been holding our breath waiting for more info/photos… :smile:

Sorry, no leaves yet​:thinking:. And that one was a fallen tree now been cut up for firewood. Plenty more like it around, so when in leaf I will post a pic. I reckon it is/was a white poplar, but happy to be corrected :laughing:.

Stella, remind me at the end of May to take a picture of the leaves etc. I will forget…:sob: