Tree surgeon in Les Landes needed

Any suggestions please - I live just outside Dax and this weekend’s winds have left a palm tree (or similar - previously assumed to be healthy and sound) leaning against the front of our house (single storey) having done some damage to the guttering and roof tiles. I think the tree needs to be expertly removed before the building repairs can be effected.

I have tried searching on Google maps for “Arboriculteur” or “Arboriste” nearby without success (other than one in Canada!). If all else fails I am thinking of visiting la mairie tomorrow morning when it opens for advice but wondered if anyone knew anyone in the area. I assume with the amount of forestry around here the area must have plenty of relevant expertise but any suggestions how to find it would be appreciated

Sorry to hear your troubles…

have you contacted your insurance company ???

A friend suggested you call Sylvain, he lives in Dax. 0617812824

Yes all now agreed less modest excess thank you

Sorry for delay in thanking you James - I have been out of the country for most of the time since the tree "landed’. When I explored les Pages Jaune I found someone well recommended under “arboriste” at No 17 in my road when I live at No 29. Slightly embarrassed to find solution on my doorstep after initial overreaction!!

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