Hi all, farmer has requested I cut my trees overhanging onto a track he uses to get his harvester to a field he needs to plough. I've actually managed to cut most of the ovehang but was interested if anyone knows if it is down to me to do this? I have to walk on his track to do the cutting. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks

Hi David, Not sure if my reply came through as had an internet issue.

Appreciate your reply on this matter - I now know where I stand!

Enjoy your weekend


It's your responsability to cut the branches as the trees are your property. Your neighbour can demand that you cut any overhanging branches but cannot cut them himself. If you have to go on his track then it would seem he is giving tacit approval for you to enter his land to do so as he must know that to be the case. It would be courteous just to ask him to give access to carry out the task.