Tri-Phase and Mono-Phase supply costings

I am being asked to consent to the relocation of a new concrete pole which will be placed in my front garden in front of the house.

Somewhat unsightly.

The existing pole is situated in my rear garden and pretty much unobtrusive.

Our present supply is 18KW, three phase and we are on the Tempo tariff.

I was in the UK when the engineers called but have received all the paperwork to sign.

We live in near isolation and I note that on the road opposite my house there is a mono phase supply and, I'm wondering if we could be connected to that as an alternative, connecting my present pole to this supply.

I have asked for the engineers to return for further discussions.

If we were to change to a mono-phase supply would it have any negative impact on the costings of our supply.

Any thoughts greatly welcomed.

We have had SPIE return for a discussion and they have agreed to an alternative route leaving the existing pole in my rear garden in situ and connecting up to the "new" route over some external buildings.

The monophase supply which I believed to be on the opposite side of the road is not a monophase supply but, a supply of 20,000 volts - think I will give that a miss !!

In around 2008 we were asked to have two new poles planted in our garden, to support a 3 phase insulated cable, the existing supply being four much lighter individual steel wires.

I suggested that ERDF use the 3kV High Voltage poles along the road to supply me and my neighbour, instead of trailing covered cables across the valley. This 3kV cabling feeds the transformer, which via another neighbour across the valley feeds us.

I have heard nothing since then, even though the old cables have fallen down twice, across the house electrifying the guttering!

We only use one phase of the supply anyway, and since the breakage, only two of the four conductors continue on to my neighbour.

I'm still waiting.....


My question is on a different aspect of this topic, but it is similar enough to add on, I think: we want to change to tri-phase from mono-phase in the barn and the devis from the electrician seems expensive: 1100 euros for the conversion. It’s important, of course, to get it done right. But does anyone have any more recent experience with costs? I’d like to hear from anyone who’s had this done recently?


Hi Mary… sorry no experience on this… but I would suggest getting another quote or two…

Rule of thumb for me is 3 quotes and then work out which to choose… (sometimes it is the cheaper one, but not always…)

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