Trip to UK - Is Janssen Single Dose Vaccine accepted

Hi Everyone, OH may have to go back to UK v soon, can anyone tell me if the Janssen single dose vaccination certificate is accepted so he won’t have to quarantine when he get there ?

This reference suggests the UK approve of the Janssen single dose vaccine

Thanks for the link Graham, I’m just worried that he will be turned away at the ferry port - I was hoping that maybe someone had already gone to UK with that certificate.

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perhaps ring Border Force at the terminal to ask :thinking:

I read somewhere this week (will try to find it) about the fact that the UK authorities don’t accept single doses plus having had Covid as an acceptable double-vaccinated status where the EU does. However, the article did go on to say that the Janssen single-dose vaccine counted as being fully vaccinated, so your OH should be ok

Added: This link seems to explain it - OH is ok if the vaccine os one of the ones onthe UK approval list and Janssen is there -

Thanks Angela

Sorry to add a question but when we visited the nurses station to ask about test, we were asked which test we needed, could anyone help with this - I understand there is a quick test that gives a result in 20 minutes - is this one accepted and what is it called in France.

Sorry for the questions but it’s a 10 hour drive to the ferry port and I really don’t want to get it wrong :slight_smile:

The main thing about tests in either country is that the ones you do at home are not accepted. They are a certain sort of Lateral Flow test. The Lateral flow tests you get at pharmacies or other medical centres are accepted in both countries. The PCR tests are also accepted in both countries but I understand that there’s a bit of a shortage of tests in the UK at the moment (last minute rush for holidays?) In France, whichever test you go for and the lateral flow ones at pharmacies are cheaper, you will get your results within a few hours, usually by email.

As an aside, there seems to be a new twist to the approved vaccines for entry into the UK. If you’ve had a mix of vaccines it would appear that you now have to quarantine for 10 days.


Don’t you need an Antigen test - not lateral flow - to return to UK?
Or otherwise a PCR.

Yes @Annej2003 it is an antigen test but that’s a sort of lateral flow that is done at a pharmacie or the like. The do-it-yourself-at-home type lateral flows are not accepted.

Thanks very much everyone. Had a minor panic when his scanned certificate didn’t work (invalid) at a couple of cafes but when I checked the info it said that the Janssen vaccine had to be done 4 weeks before and we were scanning it a couple of days early - tried it today and it was fine - phew !

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