Triplets separated at birth, as an experiment?

Surely these boys deserved better… :sob:

I hope such things are not still happening…

Sounds like the sort of thing Frederick II Hohenstaufen (the Holy Roman Emperor) got up to. Awful and fascinating. Yes, one does hope they don’t do that sort of thing any more.

Save for some useful language practise what has this got to do with this network?

Hi David… I found this article interesting and disturbing… and worthy of some discussion…

Obviously you did not. :relaxed:

We may have twins or triplets on this Forum… who knows…???

At the very least, it would surely be a very bizarre experience, meeting a stranger who looks exactly like you… :wink:

Twin studies have been around forever. This being America the investigator had to go one more.


Are you saying that twins have been deliberately separated at birth, as part of an experiment ?? Sounds awful.

Hitler also wanted To create a Perfect .génération which hé tried.i have met youngsters sent To france To .be adopted. Quite frightening.

This was an appallingly heartless thing to do.
Whoever did this should go to jail.