Triton Router Table and Stand - SOLD

For sale, a Triton router table and stand in excellent condition. It has a Ryobi router fitted at the moment but I will remove it if required.
€150 with the router. €120 without router.
Item location postcode is 16130.

Yes please Malcom! With the router. Could I collect late Sunday?

Many thanks.


Yes no problem. M’y address is: La Croix Biron, 16130 Juillac le Coq. Phone 0628363653.

Hi again Malcolm,

Is around 8:00pm okay please? And do you want cash or is a French cheque okay? I only have 40 EUR cash at the moment and I’m not sure what is the max you can draw out daily (we’re new here).

Also I presume it will fit in the back of a car - we have a Honda CR-V 4x4.

Thanks and regards,


Or I could pay sterling into a UK account if preferred.



Hi Robert,

8pm will be fine. I would prefer cash. You should be able to draw up to €300 at a time from an ATM. Most banks here set a weekly limit to how much you can draw in cash rather than a daily one. This is an individual limit so if you have a joint account each cardholder can draw the same amount. How much that is depends on your bank and what type of account you have.

You should have no problem fitting it in your car. The legs can be detached in seconds if necessary.

If you have any problem finding me just phone when you are near and I will direct you.

Regards Malcolm.

Great and thanks. See you later.



Item now sold.