Trivia for today

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@Graham_Lees can I ask what you edited, please?

Very interesting, but poses the question, why don’t any other animals employ this technique? There must be many who would benefit from a stable and stationary trail.

But it also prompted my memory in 2 similar directions. A bit tasteless perhaps (and I’m not talking about my dogs’ fascination for the leavings of rabbits and deer) but humerous nevertheless.

Wombats are herbivores. An owner driver I knew of in The Territory was no doubt proud of his sexual prowess and cognisant of the habits of this particular marsupial.

He named his truck The Wombat, and the legend on the rear of his trailer read:
‘The Wombat, Eats, Roots, and Leaves’.
The commas are important in the understanding of the joke if you know what the Australian verb, To Root, means in English. :laughing: :laughing:

And a similarly rude gem was uttered by that wonderful actor Frank Middlemass quoting a character he was playing at the time.

When asked by his young grandson ‘Why is my poo always pointed at one end?’, he replied ‘It is to stop the cheeks of your arse coming together with a bang’ . :laughing:

Probably says more about me than either of them, but it has always caused me great amusement when it has been prompted to mind.

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Last time I had a post edited by one of the team @Fran24 it was because I had misspelled the title - the usual dyslexic fingers problem :smiley:

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it’s gone from General to Animals… :wink:


Ah - that makes sense!
Sorry for maligning your spelling, Lily!

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Thanks Stella duh emoji no problem Angela :hugs:
The reason I asked because recently I have been forgettingtohitthespacebar :crazy_face: :thinking:

I blame the space bar! Happens to me too :blush:

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I have no problem at all hitting the space bar, trouble is about 50% of the time I hit the B, N, and M at the same time. :astonished: :frowning_face:



Its just trivia that happens to be about animals, I would leave it in general. Next bit might be about , for example, astronauts…

The word “astronaut” comes from the Greek words “astron nautes”, which means “star sailor.”

I never did nuffink… just explained what I reckoned the change was… :wink:

Another animal trivia to raise a smile (hopefully)

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Brilliant, I’d read something in the Guardian but not seen a video - so cute!!

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