Truffles... a new idea for the keen gardener?

Bearing in mind the prices these things fetch, do any of you feel inclined to have a go…


Seems as if Jarnac folk are doing well.

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I’ve never knowingly tasted a truffle and at these prices probably never will.
To stand a chance of success I believe a decent amount of rain is needed. Not something we have enough of here in Charente Maritime.

I’ve tasted something which purported to have truffle in it… it was delicious, but as it was free (at a local market) I reckon they had possibly used the shavings that normally get thrown away.

But then, if anyone wants to give me their truffles to “shave” …I’m up for it… :smiley:

My wife found one in our garden last year and thinks she has thrown out many before thinking they were stones!

@Mat_Davies … perhaps she will be more selective in future… :crazy_face:

I saw Dick Swabridge and his wife investigate this a bit on the latest Escape to the Chateau. You need a soil PH of 8 and hazel and or oak trees. If you can cultivate them the it could be a nice earner. They also showed a truffle farm who had a dog to locate them

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At the Truffle Fair/Market… I’ve seen young trees for sale, which have the truffle whatever already in the roots…they are officially certified, so if you have the space and the correct soil… easy peasy…:slight_smile: (I wonder if anyone got a soil-testing kit for Christmas…)

Yes you can buy the trees with the truffle spores, but you may have to wait up to 7 years before you can start thinking about that millionaire lifestyle🎰

Ha ha… for me it would be for the fun of it… not the money…:crazy_face:

There is a mushroom-type thing under the oak tree at the moment, but my neighbours tell me it is NOT for eating…P1110213-001

I’m sure it will be fine in an omelette…:face_vomiting:

Well, that is NOT a truffle…

@PEMG … ha, ha…I know that…I know what a truffle looks like…:grin:

This thing pops up every year at Christmas…Paxillus involutus (I think)…

They showed on the tv show the liquid used to encourage truffle growth too forgotten what it was though

Found these under a Christmas Tree…

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When in doubt, don’t touch it directly, but you can take it to your local pharmacist. They will tell you which ones are good and which ones might kill you, or just give you diarrhea. Also, my sister and bro in-law had friends tell them how to spot the good ones, deeeeelish!