Truffles - black gold

I’ve tasted some delicious nibbles with a hint of truffles, served at some of the Truffle Fairs…
Just wondering if anyone has got their own “truffle grove” ??

We get white truffles in our local forest. But I’m not a fan. Nor of black truffles but that could be because I find it wrong to spend so much money on something so tiny.

Wow…I don’t think I’ve tried white truffles…
You might well not be a fan… but I wish your forest was nearer to me… :wink:

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I love truffles. If you get some, put them in a sealable box with eggs for a few days and then scramble the eggs with a few slices (use a vegetable peeler) mixed in.
You can grate truffle into softened salted butter and leave it to infuse before eating it spread on toast, simple but fabulous.
Or grate it into a couple of tablespoons of cream and put it on fettuccine or linguine (or any pasta it’s just I like those).
Or make risotto in the usual way but bury the truffle in a jar of the rice you will use first.


And we get morels in our garden! (The white truffles are exceptionally rare here as too cold)

You’ll need one of these



We seem to be surrounded by the buggers. Every village around here has a truffle festival at least twice a year. Can’t stand 'em myself, but the OH goes weak at the knees for 'em.

Want to train ours but have to buy a truffle first hahaha

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There’s a video on YouTube about le (soi-disant) Baron de Truffes training his dog in a Paris park. But yes that was his method too. Not cheap!