Trump Really Is A Chump On Torture: David Mellor - LBC


He should have just kept quiet on the subject. Torture is not something any civilised person would advocate, BUT, one has to ask, if the torture of one terrorist saved the lives of 100 innocent people, possibly family or friends, would you or would’nt you endorse it ? If the torture of one terrorist would have stopped 9/11 would you have endorsed it ? Of course the other question is, do any of us really believe, that torture is not routinely used in the interrogation of terrorist suspects, in all countries, including our own ? It would be very naive to believe that. In defence of our country or indeed the countries of our allies, and the people of those countries, i sincerely believe torture is used, and i endorse it’s use if it saves the lives of innocents, much as i find the use of it distasteful to say the least. Almost without exception, the leaders of every western country, have at one time or another said, that they would use any and every means possible to defend their countries and people. I have to admit, that i would torture somebody, if it was the only way of saving the life of one innocent person. We cannot expect our leaders to do any less in extreme situations, nor would an sane person allow them to.

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