Trump Supports Arming Teachers ?!?!

You couldn’t make it up - fruit loop…


Ha ha Simon… we must be on the same wavelength… I’ve posted a thread as well… (which I will now delete)…

here’s mine … Is this Fake-News… or just Insanity…??? or what…???

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I cannot believe that it is really best… to put even more guns into the equation. What is wrong with folks… do they really want everyone toting a weapon… :zipper_mouth_face:

How’s this going to work? The guys a ‘nut job’ in his own words!
The reason given for not arming the Police in the UK is that every criminal in creation will then go ‘tooled up’ on a job… I don’t see this as being anything different. It won’t stop those with murderous intent.
I watched an episode of James Maertin’s American adventure yesterday on afternoon TV when he was in Texas. He visited one of the (many) gun shops off the freeway where you can simply walk in and try out various weapons without any medical checks/licence requirements. He took an automatic hand gun into the shooting range and fired off a magazine at a target. He missed every time! Imagine the same with a teacher not used to firing a handgun. The shooter will be bound to take the teacher out first!
Nut job! without a doubt.


" Donald J. Trump

Crooked Hillary said that I  want guns brought into the school classroom. Wrong!"
4:55 AM - May 22, 2016

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Well, after what Trump has just said on TV (definitely NOT fake-news)…it is clear that Hilary Clinton was quite correct… :zipper_mouth_face:


There are a lot of Americans who genuinely believe that the more good guys who are armed when a bad guy starts shooting the safer everyone will be. There was a lot of debate about this on another French forum which has a large US membership quite recently and the number of people who were posting to say how if the general public had been armed the terror attacks in Europe would have been over quicker.
I belong to an American car owners’ forum and it bans posts about politics and religion. Many of the members post links to their FB pages and guns and God are often dominant there. A completely different mentality. Trump will have a lot of backing for his views.

You’re telling me - it’s called brain dead! Sadly David - I have to agree with you on this occasion! Isn’t it weird how God is such a supporter of guns…


For a brief moment - when he was talking about banning bump stocks - I thought we might see, for the States, an almost radical move against the hegemony of the NRA.

It seems I was wrong. :frowning:

Tim I did say that I had no desire to go to America.
Not just about the saturation of fast food eateries or
even the long flight.
I find the very thought of anything vaguely relating to
Trump unacceptable. But stronger words are available as
description to how I feel on the subject.

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America doesn’t have to be about fast food or Trump, of course there’s nothing you can do about the long flight. We were there when he got elected and the reaction was incredible, however we met so many people who voted for him so he obviously has his loyal fans.

The guns thing does bother us and is probably the main reason why we didn’t move there. I actually feel a bit positive, if the youth of the US can remain engaged then there is a chance that the gun laws will be changed.

Yes Trump has his loyal fans.
We are all different.
what more can I say.

I read that the armed police officer who was posted at the school did not enter the building whilst the shooting was in progress yet Trump expects teachers to perfom the same duties.

I’ve never been a teacher… but I was an Akela for 10 years… during which time a gun was never available to me.

I made it clear to all parents that if I had small boys fighting one another, I fully intended to issue a quick smack on the backside/leg of each lad to get their attention… but only if they refused to stop when (politely) asked to do so.

Any parent was free to not accept my ideas… and remove their lad.

Phew… I am so glad that I never had to decide when/where/if … I should shoot anybody. :sunglasses:

I worked in a school that had armed guards outside. None of the staff felt comfortable with them there and after a few days they were removed.

I’m not convinced arming teachers is the way to go.

The Americans seem to buy the argument that the more guns there are the less chance anyone will use one. Apart from the fact that this flies in the face of evidence that the increased availability of guns tends to lead to their increased use I don’t think it is going to help because:

Anyone who goes into a school - or any situation - intending to shoot as many innocent people as possible probably does so with the expectation that they will be shot and killed by law enforcement so their death is not a disincentive to the act.

Teachers are more likely to be concerned for the welfare of their students - even gun toting ones; they will be more inclined to talk first and shoot later.

That hesitation means they will just be the first target.


Teachers would need to be trained and in any case for a gun to be effective it has to be both loaded and within reach at all times, (ie not in a cabinet with ammo in a separate cabinet both locked with different keys) so either in a holster or on a desk, I can really see that happening. Ludicrous idea.

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Security guards in all schools?

Tump declares Deputy a coward.

But, of course, all and any Teachers would have acted differently… huh… is that what he means…absolute tosh…IMHO

No-one can be sure just how they will react in similar circumstances. Best thing is to reduce the incidence/the opportunity… not simply hand out more guns… :rage:

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I’m guessing Trump thinks he should have gone in and shot the boy. I’m also guessing the Deputy would have found that a tough call. If there’s an investigation, Trump has already found him guilty.