Trump's Tax Declaration

Has anyone else been holding their breath… wondering when/if Trump is actually going to go public with his Tax situation…???

There’s been so much tosh and nonsense… that this seems to have been forgotten/overlooked… :zipper_mouth_face:


As he is the only President in recent times who has refused to publish his tax return, we should not be surprised at what has followed.
I would not advise anyone to hold their breath for this to happen soon.
When you have the ridiculous situation where Trump is denying having had sex with someone and his lawyer paying her off with his “own” money, you cannot but think that if a novelist wrote this it would be beyond belief.

Does it really matter though, the US economy is booming and he’s about to talk to Kim Jong Un ensuring world peace for the foreseeable future?:grinning:

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More like two lunatics in different asylums joining together in one accord…