Truss unleashed…

Cheese maybe :thinking::yum:

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Pork markets.

I agree. These people are unbelievable. I suppose she’s in thrall to her financial guru, whose name mercifully escapes me, where she got her ideas from. the whining of “it wasn’t my fault” like johnson, while wondering what to do with the 150k per year whe’s been given as a pourboire for her 50 days. I wonder also as I’m scribbling on if any of you had a strong enough stomach to watch any of Nadine D’s interview with her adored Johnson? Over dressed in pink, simpering as he declared that anyone who thought he knew he was breaking the rules must be crazy (who made the rules, fatboy?) it was repellant viewing. I wonder if he…she’s certainly up for it…nah, Carrie would have put a stop to the first signs AT ONCE. Lying again. New government, anyone?


I got to 5 minutes :face_vomiting:

Nadine is some tulip.

what is a tulip apart from a dutch flowering bulb?

I think the term is comparable to “twit”, as in… “:roll_eyes:”.