Try NOZ for Brit beer

Just picked up the last few cans of IPA, (‘Greene King’, Bury St Edmunds) in Noz, Questembert 56, decent pint tonight at ‘beer o’ clock :slightly_smiling_face:

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i remember doing my work experience at Charles wells brewery. now break times were great they had their own bar and yes they let me guzzle beer during breaks and a few times i went home a tad sozzled.


Bring some 'round here then :slight_smile:

And ‘by golly’, it’s very good :+1:

Seen several good bottled ales in Noz recently at 99 cents each.

This was 89 for 500ml Les, worth every cent :+1: :yum:

Is that a Messerschmitt Leslie?

We still have to do investigate NOZ.
Our nearest is at Paray le Monial.

We are 20mins one way and 15mins the other from our local ones Jane, some good deal for everyday consumables.

It is about 45 minutes away and lots of roadworks.

Well spotted Bill. I have two. Before and after photos attached.

L. Charles ( Dunstan)

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Thats a great job, You’ve done restoring them, well done, older Bro’ had one when he was in Germany with the army, yours look immaculate!