Trying to choose?

We have lived in our little french house (LFH) for a year now but are about to move to our bigger, with garden, french house (BWGFH) 20 mins away and rent out our LFH. Now come the issues!

We currently have phone + TV + internet in LFH and nothing in BWGFH. We will need phone and internet at BWGFH and internet only in LFH. We are with SFR and I know they do not do English over the phone so I am going to have to go into the shop and discuss it with them but I will be bedazzled by deals and stuff and wont understand every word so I want to be ready for them!

What I want to know is are we likely to get a discount for having 2 deals with them or should we go with someone else who is cheaper/better etc? We could also use a mobile phone on a french system as we currently only have UK mobiles, so should this be bundled in? Or should we do this separately. We can unplug the phone in LFH and take it with us to BWGFH so renters cannot use the phone and create huge bills for us to deal with, but I guess the current contract will need to be checked to see what the terms are for amending it, been on it over a year so might be ok?

Anyway help appreciated.