Trying to find a two month rental

Can anyone help us find a 2 bedroom house in a quiet village or town to rent for March and April next year please. We are looking for somewhere south of the Loire, somewhere that will be warmer than the UK. We can't afford gite prices which feature on most websites. Any ideas please!


Thanks for letting me know....

Hello Val

I am sorry but we have decided that your place isn't quite right for us, it did look really nice and thanks for your trouble answering all my questions. I do hope you find someone to take up those two months. Best wishes Clive

Hi, no private outdoor space... a park very close by though (60 paces!)

Best wishes


Hello again Do you have any outdoor space? Clive

Hello Clive

It will be over the next few weeks, certainly by the end of the month.
As for petanque - I have no first hand knowledge but a quick google search came up with:
Best wishes

Hi Val We are very keen, when do you think you will be able to let us know if our stay in March and April is OK?

I am a keen petanque player in UK and would like to play in France, do you know of any clubs etc in your area? Best wishes Clive

Hi, that sounds great Clive.... the stairs are straight with a 1/4 turn at the top, pic attached! Val

Hello Thanks again. I have no experience of dongles! But I will find out more, I will need internet as I work from home and will need to force myself to do some work when we come to France. We are very interested in your place. Sorry I have another question - are the stairs sort of normal, I can't do spirals but can do normal. If you can keep us in the picture re the other people and if their plans fit with ours, we are a bit flexible in that we have no firm commitments, but we don't really want to be in France in the middle of winter and would like to be back in UK by early May.

Hi Clive

We live in the village and it is a great place to live! The property is on 2 levels but with a downstairs WC & shower, as well as upstairs bathroom. There is satellite TV but no internet, though lots of local bars have wifi connections. Unfortunately for a stay of only 2 months, it wouldn't be possible to arrange a broadband contract - usually 6+ months. An alternative may be to buy a dongle or similar when you arrive.

I am in discussions with someone wanting a 6 month let which may work well with your dates, but they are waiting for their exchange date in order to commit. If you are still interested, I will need to give them a few weeks to commit before I can confirm with anyone else - hope you understand, but its a long way off!

Best wishes, Val

Hi Val this looks really good. A couple more questions, sorry! Is it on one level or are there stairs? I have a mobility problem, I can do stairs but prefer to restrict that to up in the evening and down in the morning if possible. Also is there internet in the house? If not is it possible to fix up with the satellite do you know. The village/town looks really nice and we are very interested. Many thanks Clive

Hello - please have a look at:

We have had experience of woodburners and decided that they are pretty but a lot of hassle to lug the wood in, keep burning when not being watched and can cause a lot of dust... therefore the house is on modern electric heating, which is very efficient! The house is very well insulated as it was all refurbished last year.

The photos look a bit bare as they were taken just after the house was furnished - actually there are pictures, and everything you need. Just add your personal things!


Hi Val That sound interesting. Thanks for contacting me. Are you able to supply a few more details please and maybe a photo or two. Many thanks Clive

Hi, have a furnished and renovated 2 bedroom village house in Charroux 86250, for 375pcm plus bills. Please email for more info.


You could have a look at . Speak to Brian or Jill and tell them I promoted this to you. They might negotiate a price for you.

Hi Clive. Why don't you post this in the Gite Owners' group? You may find an owner willing to do a deal as March and April can be quiet. Here's the link: