Trying to get an S1 registered with CPAM

Actually, if they cancel the S1s we aren’t covered by French healthcare but I also very much doubt whether the the government would worry too much about that. Remains to be seen and there is s*d all we can do about it, so we have to carry on enjoying living in France and just hope that, if the UK government becomes that nasty, the French government will come up with something for us :thinking:

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at their peril… the arrangement is reciprocal. I’m not sure if anyone has the figures but it could well be that the UK is currently a net benefactor collecting more from EU countries than they pay out the other way round.

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France did degrade access to CSS though.

There was a discussion on another thread about whether it was possible not to apply for an S1 in order to remain eligible for the free/low cost mutuelle (CSS). This is no longer open to S1 holders. The consensus of opinion was that if one was eligible for an S1 then France would expect you to apply for it. Why should they take responsibility (and pay) for one’s health care if another country already had that responsibility.

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I haven’t looked into it but wasn’t coming at it from that angle.

I would expect anyone with an eligibility for an S1 to have it. This establishes that tbe person has access to healthcare at the point of delivery in France, for which the costs are billed to the UK.
Other posters have said costs are billed back to the UK at person level, and does not sound to be a flat rate arrangement.

Prior to Brexit and for a time since, it appears that access to CSS was available to resident Brits. Now it seems it’s not. Surely health costs, whatever they are, are billed back to the UK? Particularly as access was apparently a right held prior to Brexit. If the person was in tbe UK, the UK would have the cost.

So I am not seeing why all amounts cannot be billed to the UK where there is a right to the S1, as before, as if not, then social security rights are being degraded from what they were pre-Brexit. And that’s a slippery slope.

No, it was the other way tound. The EU legislation/agrrement was in place about CSS but France didn’t apply it until recently.

As to why UK doesn’t pay for it instead…probably yet another thing missed out of the withdrawal agreement. If you remember it was only at the 11th hour that S1s were included. Up to then they wouldn’t have been available any more.