Trying to get an S1 registered with CPAM

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Last Décembre I got my UK state pension and an S1 I asked for an S1 for my wife as my dependant (she has a couple of years to go for one in her own right).

I registered mine with no problem but my wife was told she had to de register as an ME (Radiation in French). She decided to make it easy she would go with the 1st Jan to start.

Unfortunately that was not acceptable to CPAM as her S1 was dated 27th Dec, they told her to go back to the UK for a new S1 dated 1st Jan. After a lot of phone calls we got a new S1.

In the meantime CPAM had suspended her rights. Everyone we have been to for medical care since, dentist, ophtalmologiste, pharmacy etc have been great saying it will all catch up later and giving us treatment, medication etc. With her rights suspended so is her CPAM, AMELI account, so she gets messages from them but cannot access the messages.

We last week she got her new S1 and we went to CPAM and put it in their post box, now they have contacted her to say they can’t find it. She has her copy but does not want to give that up would they accept a copy?

I have suggested that she phones them and asked for a face to face meeting and takes along a form that she asked them to sign to say they have received the S1 do you think this will work?

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If you scan and print it how will they know it’s not the original?


We were always told here in France NEVER to give any original documents unless specifically demanded, copies have always been accepted as the norm.


Firstly, make a bit of fuss and they might “find” it. Way back when I was naive and innocent about French administration I gave CPAM my original birth certificate, with many assurances that they would look after it. Of course they didn’t and the next I knew was that it was lost. I had a total hissy fit, and lo and behold it was found the next day.

But yes if it doesn’t appear take a copy, and just hand it t them and ask for a receipt. Don’t even say its a copy unless asked point blank, as the only difference is colour of the paper.

Same experience here. And at a £70 replacement cost due to what’s needed to obtain it, bitter, bitter towards CPAM.

What they didn’t admit they also lost which has also only just been found out after over two years, is they also lost the form my doctor proactively gave me confirming her as my Medecin Traitante.

On a personal basis CPAM staff at appointments and generally on the phone have been nice but why they lose documents I do not understand. And to think I’ve got the joys of ANTS to look forward to as well when my GB licence expires in a few years and I will finally be allowed to send it in to exchange it.

Just to be slightly encouraging @KarenLot , I had no problems with my licence exchange with ANTS last year so fingers crossed there. My only problem with CPAM is quite how long it takes for things to filter through. When I added my partner to my S1 a couple of yeas back, the process was OK but Ameli etc didn’t recognise it for ages.

That reminds me @NickTarn - I take it that you know, once your wife is registered against your S1, that her Ameli account becomes invalid and all the processing and reminders and such-like go through yours? Hers will only become active again when she has her own S1

Thanks for the information on her losing her own account until she has an S1 in her own right.

My wife just had a good telephone call on with CPAM (although it took about 30m to get through) they have arranged for her to have a telephone conference with them next Monday where they will give her a weblink to upload a scanned version of her S1. Hopefully that will work.

On thé ANTS side we sent our documentation off in 2018 and finally they finally sent it all back a year later saying we did not need to do this at the time as it was covered by the Brexit deal. However next year they run out so let’s hope it will go through OK.



I have found that the golden rule is never to hand in any copy documents personally to officialdom, but to post them by using the Recommande avec Avis de Reception service. That way, you have proof of delivery and it makes those at the receiving end wake up and know that you mean business.
Keep the original document yourself. If someone wants sight of the original then usually the Mairie will make a copy from the original, certify the copy as being a true copy with their official stamp, and hand you back both the original and the certified copy that you can submit onwards.


Well CPAM called at 08:30 as promised, a really good guy who received by email a scanned copy of her S1 and after confirming it was correct, he said he had put it into the system. Also for speed he advised her to send it direct to the right department (international services) for which he gave her the email.

He says it might take about ten days and the reason it has taken so long ( and maybe why they lost the posted copy) is that they are understaffed.

Regards Nick

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That’s good news Nick! Don’t expect everything to get through the system too quickly though as I seem to remember that CPAM needed some sort of additional confirmation that the UK had accepted their processing of the S1. There seems to be quite a bit of to-ing and fro-ing between the two countries.

What you should see next is your wife appearing on your ameli account and you can then print off one of those entitlements to rights with both your names on. You will probably notice that her name will have a note against it saying she doesn’t have an MT and doesn’t have a mutuel. In that case you’ll need her to go to both the MT and the mutuel people to get her reassigned. They can do it remotely.

Well ten days and it is finally in place. As you said Angela her Mutuel was no longer assigned, Her MT was but her ALD status had gone.

Do you know if in three years when she gets her own S1 will we have to go through this again or do we just leave it running on my AMELI account?



It should be transparent without you needing to take any action other than mise à jour occasionally at your local pharmacie if not used very often.

It can cause problems as some people separating dependents have had a bit of a nightmare with cards not working for a while. Make sure you are stocked up drugs before you submit the S1, as could take a few weeks. But it will get sorted. I hope so anyway as I’ll have to do this in a few years.

Just mentioning that, in my experience, the ALD status needs to be re-confirmed every few years… is it every 7 years… something like that. Our Doc deals with it, no problem… just mustn’t forget…

Is it obligatory to apply for an S1 if eligible?

There are benefits to be derived as a French tax payer under the DTT if you are in possession of an S1
You indicate its presence on the tax form each year.

Thank you @graham for your answer. Hard to say what the situation will be 5 years hence but I’m glad all the same to be in France :star_struck::fr:

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Given the DTT has nothing to do with Brexit, nor is impacted by it, there should be no change over the next 5 years…

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Unfortunately yes you do! Took us quite a while going through the steps initially and relinking the mutuel etc as you are doing. My partner will also get his own S1 in 3 years time so we’ll be going through the reversal process at about the same time as you! I have to make sure I live that long or it will become REALLY complicated (I’m known for looking on the bright side :thinking: :rofl: )

EDIT: Added - I know that there are people on SF who’ve done the reversal process relatively recently so we should get some encouragement)

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Thank you for your optimism. I wasn’t thinking thinking the arrangement of UK paying pensioner’s healthcare abroad in terms of Brexit, I am just wondering if UK will cancel such cover for emigrated Brits in order to save money at home in a depressed economy. Like they did with the fuel allowance. They might say, “Well, those who have chosen to live in France are covered by French healthcare, so goodbye”.