Trying to identify 16 unknown soldiers

.... who died liberating our small village in Normandy. The maire has asked us to help. I have very little information apart from dates and a possible regiment. No names. But if we manage to track down who they are, the commune will pay to get their names added to the war memorial.

I have sent information to an historian at Sandhurst, but he has done nothing with it (I think he is more interested in US history)... tried military museums etc. Nothing.

If anyone is interested in helping with this, then do let me know!

There most certainly are Judy. I am ex parachute regiment as are a few others in my area along with a smattering of other units. Good luck with your research I hope you finally are able to ive these men the recognition they deserve.

Thanks very much David. I'm very excited with how this enquiry is moving on. If we can get the names verified, it means that these 16 men will be honoured for making the supreme sacrifice. Any additional detail would be lovely; it would really personalise the details.

My husband is ex-military (RAF Engineer) - there are a few of us on SF now, I think.


OK Judy I think I have cracked it

I have sent you a message -

Do I get an invite for aperos !

Just a coincidence and a bit off Déjà Vu however I stayed in the area around 1985 and was told of a large battle between the Germans on one side of the road and the British and Canadians on the other. Literally meters apart. It may have been the same ! I cannot remember the village I stayed in - old age setting in.

I can send you a translation of it Graham - it’s a fair few pages. I’ll see what photographs I can gather together of the area too. I’m minded to invite some of the villagers round for aperitifs so I can get more information. We are going to the Roi de Galettes and champagne soirée on Saturday, so I’ll ask a bit more then.

I am not the best translator in the world and usually pay for a professional service ! How long is the document ? Just send it and I will take a look. I might have located someone whose father possibly took part in the battle ?

Hi Graham, The Maire (now the ex-Maire!) wrote a tract on this as aprt of a village document, which I sent to Dr Trew at Sandhurst. However, I should be able to scan our copy and e-mail it later this week, as I'm on Day One back to work today, so my inbox is bursting!

The info is all in French - is that a problem for you? I can probably translate it, tho that would take me another week or so to do.

Very grateful for your interest :)


Can you send me all the information you have in a pen picture form. I am now receiving some replies on the matter and we need everything you have.

email address is


I assume you are collating the information you have to date - I would like as much as possible. In order that we do not duplicate I have today sent a letter to the following concerning your enquiry.

Northamptonshire Regiment and Northamptonshire Yeomanry Collections

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I am back in the "rat race" having had a lovely Xmas break. I have sent the enquiry regarding the search for soldiers to my professional forums on the ABI and EPIC in the hope we can produce some contacts for you.

Thanks David - no, there are no graves. The bodies were moved, but details are sketchy. I was in MOD, so have tried via my contacts to no avail.

My husband (who was in the RAF in his UK life - I was in MOD) has done lots of work with The War Graves Photographic Project, who are working alongside the War Graves Commission, and doing a sterling job photographing every single war grave... fascinating work.

Apologies for delay in responding on here!

The information I have is part of a thick booklet, so I would need to scan and e-mail it, or pop it in the post. It was all written by the Maire of the commune. The road past our house (the D511 from Lisieux to St Pierre sur Dives) was the only road open for some weeks during that period. People from the villages and from Lisieux took refuge in stone quarries for weeks during the bombardments.

Reading this thread, and also the e-mails I had, I am now not sure where we are, and who is speaking to whom!

I am very grateful for the interest shown; I am very keen to help our village honour these brave soldiers... and for the record, I am not expecting work to be done for nothing! I will pay out of my own pocket if needs be.

I think this thread caused me to watch the complete DVD collection of “Band of Brothers” again ( for the 4th time ) - or was it the snow !!! I try and imagine what it was like for those soldiers - I dont think I would have made it. An interesting collection of images below. The “Bastogne Battle”.


I do this for a living but I am willing to assist in this matter. Send me as much details as you can and I will probably confer with Stu to avoid treading on his toes.

Judy, would the National Archives at Kew be of any help? There is a list of military historians on their site who might be more effective, and willing to help. eg

Good luck with this. Val

Hi Stu - I can forward details (a huge amount, tho the details are vague, and all in French) to anyone who can take this forward. But briefly, the soldiers were British Infantry, from - we think - the Northamptonshire Yeomanry, which may have been part of the 51st Highland Division. They liberated St Julien le Faucon as well as Le Mesnil Simon in August 1944. This was as part of pushing the Germans east and north, after closing the Falaise Gap pocket.

We don't have much more than that - this is what villagers know happened. We could try and talk some more to older villagers and see what we can find out. I just thought I'd try from the military angle to see if anything was forthcoming.

Hope that helps!